A VOTERS poll has revealed signs of a shift away from the Conservatives which could see Wokingham's Brexiteer John Redwood ousted in the coming General Election.

According to a Survation poll led by the Liberal Democrats in Wokingham, the Tory vote has fallen by 15 percentage points since the 2017 General election to 42 per cent.

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However, the Liberal Democrats spiked to 38 per cent with an increase of 22 percentage points.

The poll on Twitter highlights how the Liberal Democrats are getting backing from Wokingham residents and how they could make moves in General Election on December 12.

One resident responded on the poll and said: "As someone who lives in Wokingham and would normally vote Labour, I'd happily vote Lib Dem if it meant a better chance of kicking out John Redwood."

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Another resident commented: "Wokingham voted nearly 60% remain! The Tories will hold these seats comfortably!"

Labour was down by 13 points to 12 per cent in the poll showing how the Lib Dems are closing in on Redwood.

The Brexit party increased by 5 per cent with five points and the Green Party increased by three per cent, with one point.