A CAT was reportedly found mutilated in full view of a neighbours window in Bracknell on Halloween.

The cat was seen by a resident in a back garden and was rushed to the vets.

South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty (Snarl) claim the injuries were similar to a cat which was mutilated in 2017 by a person dubbed as the 'UK Animal Killer'.

The culprit, also known as the Croydon Cat Killer, is thought to be responsible for more than 400 cat deaths who were either dismembered, decapitated and mutilated. 

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A spokesman for the charity said: "Last Thursday evening, a mutilated cat was left in full view from a kitchen window in a back garden.

Bracknell News:

"The cat was taken to a vets and we believe the owner has been found.

"The incidents known as the UK Animal Killer killings are being investigated by the team."

In 2017, a cat called Pepper went missing from Bracknell only to be found days later with his head and legs cut off.

The year before that, two cats were also discovered in the town to be mutilated in Chisbury Close and Pygrove Chase within a week of another. 

Leaflets have been out to residents to advise them how to keep their pets safe.

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The charities advice is to keep cats in at night if possible and ensure outdoor hutches are securely locked.