By Alfie Thomas

Do you want more taxi ranks around The Lexicon? 

In July, Bracknell Forest Council (BFC) chiefs discussed plans to introduce new taxi ranks in the town centre. 

The News understands some plans have changed since the July meeting, with a proposal for a rank opposite Cineworld no longer being taken forward.

Bracknell News:

Road bosses are also working with The Lexicon bosses after complaints the centre's taxi rank, near Sainsbury's and the Royal British Legion building, had poor signposting at the July meeting.

We spoke to shoppers at The Lexicon to see what they had to say about taxi spaces around the town centre.

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Asked if she knew where The Lexicon taxi rank was, Kate said: "Not really, people think that’s a dilapidated building [the Royal British Legion], and think they don’t need to go past it, you see, and unless you’re a local, you don’t get to see it. 

Bracknell News: KateKate

“So I think it should have signs from over there [The Lexicon], definitely".

This was again pointed out by Dave, who said: “Well for the people who don’t know the area, they wouldn’t have a clue, as it’s on the edge of town, and people stick around the centre of town.”

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When asked if there should be another taxi rank, he continued: “maybe one behind the banks, because you’ve got one down by Waitrose, one at the Royal British Legion, and a third one behind the banks would be a good idea.”

Bracknell News:

Speaking to a local taxi driver, David, about whether the signage affected his business, he said: “I would say maybe a little bit but a lot of people who use this rank are older customers who know we're here.”

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However, Tony was happy with the town, saying; “I think the town is well laid out. I’ve got no complaints. It’s a marvellous place to live.”