CHILDREN took part in a historic trail to learn about the architecture, culture and art of a small village church.

Cranbourne Primary School pupils visited St Peter's Church Cranbourne to take part in an activity day, where students got to answer illustrated questions about the history of the building.

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Caroline Audsley, organiser of the day at The Arts Society Englemere, said: "The aims of The Arts Society trails are to guide children aged eight to 12-years-old around a place of worship or historical building looking at its artefacts, architecture and history to provide an enjoyable experience for them.”

The Year 6 students took to their pens and clipboards to answer twelve questions of the church and sketched out key features of what they see around them.

Through this activity trail, they learnt about the different features of the church, studying the Alexander Chapel about the impressive war record of Lord Alexander of Tunis.

They also learned about the present organ, which is a replacement for the one destroyed in the fire in 2006.

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Representatives of The Art Society helped assist the children by helping them understand different features of the church and their use.

Thanks was also passed to the teachers for helping launch the Trail of Discovery and Huw Modecai, the vicar and Anne Crewe, the church warden for making them feel welcome.

The Arts Society Englemere meet on the second Tuesday of each month at 7pm at St George's School, Ascot.

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