A BRACKNELL man has hit out at a Youtube prankster after claiming he was given abuse about his dead dad.

Nic Hoskins from Bullbrook says he 'suffered' negative comments from Jack Jones after he made him aware that his Facebook video impersonating an Indian accent may offend people.

Jack Jones TV has racked up 3.5 million followers on his Facebook page, sharing videos of himself 'annoyingly' pranking other people in public.

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The somewhat, controversially funny videos was a reason why Nic liked Jack's content but after making him aware that the video he posted was offensive, he was allegedly hurled with abuse, saying his dead dad would be "disappointed in raising such a scummy rat".

Bracknell News:

Nic said: "It is absolutely shocking. He is in the public eye and he should be careful with what he says.

"He said my dad would be disappointed in raising me. I thought he went too far with that and it's disgusting behaviour, considering how many followers he has online."

Bracknell News:

The charity ambassador who works at Fenwick in The Lexicon says the conversation left him feeling really upset and hurt.

The Facebook messages from Jack Jones were shown to the News, which said: "You're a delusional rat. Disgusting scum, I feel sorry for your mum and dad, raising such a scummy rat. You f******* nonce."

Bracknell News:

Nic replied to his message with: "Please do not talk about my mum and dad, I lost my dad four years ago."

The YouTuber then posted a Facebook story about their wrangle, which said: "Stop playing victim in situations you have created."

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The exchange has sparked a debate around internet trolling versus freedom of speech.

In 2017, Jack Jones apologised after he was captured using racist and homophobic language in the street.

In a 24 second clip of the video, the YouTuber was heard telling someone to "go back to their own country" along with an offensive homophobic term.

Jack Jones TV has declined to comment.