AN EXTINCTION REBELLION activist from Crowthorne was arrested at protests in London last week.

Kate Cameron-Daum, a care assistant, has been released under investigation without bail.

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The campaigner protested with a number of activists from Bracknell and Wokingham as thousands called for action against climate change in the capital.

Bracknell News:

She was arrested on Tuesday, October 8 after she allegedly “refused to comply” with section 14 of the Public Order Act, which gives police the power to detain protestors in public assemblies.

Police have now banned London climate change protests after more than 1,400 arrests, telling Extinction Rebellion campaigners more will occur if they continue to demonstrate in the capital.

Bracknell Extinction Rebellion organisers have warned activists they should only protest if they are willing to be arrested.

Bracknell News:

Kate, who told the News she became an activist after researching what the world could be like when her grandson grows up, said: “Signing petitions has not worked. Walking on peaceful demonstrations has not worked.

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“The government has not listened. The earth is heating up; extreme weather events are on the rise, biodiversity is in crisis as humans have wiped out over 60 per cent of the animal population in the last 50 years.

Bracknell News:

“Many humans might like to think they are separate from Nature, that they are above it - but we aren’t. We are in the middle of a mass extinction of our own making.”

The care assistant set up Bracknell’s Extinction Rebellion and she told the News the group’s membership has been growing since it started.

Extinction Rebellion in the UK has three aims, which urge the government to ‘tell the truth’ in declaring a climate and ecological emergency, ‘act now’ by reducing greenhouse gases to net zero by 2025, and move ‘beyond politics’, by setting up a Citizens’ Assembly.

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Bracknell News:

Kate added: “I am now waiting to hear from the police as to what further action will be taken against me for demanding our government ends its apathy and starts saving the world… There is no planet B.”