DISAPPOINTED paper delivery staff unexpectedly found out they were jobless after they turned up to their morning shift. 

Paper boys and girls from Wokingham who delivered on behalf of McColl's newsagents, arrived for their shifts at Brighton's on Sunday (October 13) only to be told to go home.

Holly Barros, 15, worked for McColl's delivering newspapers for seven months and felt gutted she was told she doesn't work for the company anymore.

She said: "I was absolutely devastated and could not believe what I heard and I started crying on the phone."

"I woke up early on Sunday morning and waited for my papers to be delivered and they were never there.

"I rang up Brighton's newsagents and they said they don't have a 'Holly' on the system and that I have lost my job.

"I had a really horrible and upsetting day and I feel as if my life has taken a turn for the worse."

According to the paper delivery staff's parents, paper boys and girls were informed they would need to submit an application form back to their manager at McColls if they wanted to join Brighton's.

However, the 20-25 paper delivery staff claimed they did submit their application form letters and still didn't hear back from the newsagents.

One mum who wishes to remain anonymous, claims her daughter was upset she had lost her job.

She said: "I didn't see these forms as my daughter signed it herself and handed it back, but she was so keen to not lose her job.

Another resident posted on an Early discussion group about how upset she felt when she arrived and was told she had lost her job.

She said: "I am disgusted that they have taken, from the age of 13- teenage years, peoples jobs away from them." Colin Thoreau, manager and Rob Brighton, owner of Brighton's Newsagents, said: "All the newspaper boys and girls were invited to join us, we made it very clear that we needed to know directly by Thursday afternoon of their intentions, for take over Sunday.

"We had only heard back from two , both of which are doing rounds for us. In order to offer a continuation of service we had no alternative but to make other arrangements which meant amalgamating several rounds and putting on a van run."