AN OUTRAGED group of officials are urging locals to bin their litter after picking up soiled nappies and dog poo bags.

Nikos Polydorou took to social media to share the morning's litter pick findings and wants residents to be more environmentally conscious.

The Winkfield Parish Councillor took to Forest Park on a rainy Sunday morning (October 13) with his wife Elia and fellow Bracknell Forest Councillor's Mark Brunel-Walker, Colin Dudley, Robert Warren and volunteers Andrew Brown and Lynette.

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Commenting on the Litter Pick Event, Nikos said: "It really frustrates me that some people are so careless.

"I was shocked last year when we picked so may dog poo bags and I thought my message would help to stop this but some people simply don't care, and to be honest it really upset me to see so many baby used nappies thrown behind bushes.

"The more awareness we raise the better."

Seven bags of rubbish were filled in just 90 minutes of litter picking, despite bins being available for people to use to discard their rubbish.

'Countless' empty cans and bottles were discovered amongst the foliage, as well as poo bags hung from tree branches and nappies stuck in bushes.

The Parish councillor posted the findings on social media to raise awareness and shun residents who leave their rubbish in the parks.

He added: "I would much rather we didn't have to do this at all.

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"Seven full bags of rubbish in just 90 minutes is an absolute disgrace - shame on you."

Residents responded to the post, also outraged by the pictures. They said: "It beggars belief that people think it acceptable to just throw rubbish in the street, I fear for the world as this behaviour is becoming worse.

"If they don’t have respect for the environment they won’t have respect for anything else." Another also said: "I think they should introduce a £500 fine for littering."

Marcia Milsom, Clerk for Winkfield Parish Council, said: "Winkfield Parish Councillors joined forces with Winkfield residents to carry out “The Big Litter Pick”, an event which was organised for the second year after its success in 2018. 

"Despite the poor weather, over 50 residents came together across the Parish armed with litter pickers, gloves and waste sacks to pick up rubbish discarded along the highways and footpaths of Winkfield and at least 40 bags of waste was collected."