A BOWLER has recycled nearly 100 trophies in a bid to help the planet become less of a "throwaway society".

David Horton from Bracknell came to the idea to restore trophies to help support sports clubs and leagues who are cash strapped and can't afford to hand out trophy prizes.

The treasurer of Early Bird tenpin bowling league at Hollywood Bowl suggested to his team mates if they had any old trophies sat in their cupboards and to David's surprise, donations came flooding in.

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The retired teacher said: "I really hate the idea of a throwaway society.

"I have renovated and returned several trophies to people who were amazed by how they looked. It was like being in Santa's toy factory and it is fun creating great and new designs."

David couldn't believe how many trophies were made from expensive materials, such as Italian marble and that it was gathering dust in people's cupboards.

He believes organisations, such as youth clubs or other bowling leagues could use them and love the trophies again.

As well as this, most trophies which are handed out in the present day are made from cheaper materials such as bronze resin, so David feels better that he can restore old ones.

Engraving the medals were the biggest cost and finding someone reliable was a hard task, but it paid off as it made a £250 cost saving.

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Since starting recycling trophies, David has had an amazing response and has to restore another 40 awards by July 2020.

David wants organisations who could make use of the trophies to come forward.

He said: "I have dozens of darts and pool trophies, they would be very accepting to a youth club or disability group and free to any organisation who can use them."