DOZENS of activists from Bracknell and Wokingham joined in climate change protests in London yesterday (Monday, October 7).

Extinction Rebellion campaigners from the south-east region focused on forming a blockade in Whitehall as protestors from around the country obstructed key sites.

Bracknell News:

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Activists want the government to commit to reducing carbon emissions to net-zero by 2025 as part of a declaration of a climate and ecological emergency.

Adam Daum, from Extinction Rebellion Bracknell, said: "(We) are determined to persuade the government to take the climate and ecological crisis seriously.

"This is the defining issue of our generation.

Bracknell News:

"Current government policy is 'beyond absurd', giving massive subsidies to fossil fuels, approving fracking, approving the third runway at Heathrow, and fiddling the UK’s carbon emission figures.

"They are helping destroy the planet for our children and grandchildren."

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The climate protests are set to last for two weeks and campaigns are taking place around the world.

Organisers believe 'around 40' activists from Bracknell and Wokingham made the trip to London on Monday.

Kate Cameron-Daum (pictured right, below), who is from Crowthorne and co-ordinates Extinction Rebellion Bracknell, said: "I’m doing this for my four daughters and two grandsons.

Bracknell News:

"We are the last generation in history who can do anything about this crisis.

"If we leave it to our children, it will be too late.

"The message from scientists is absolutely clear.

"So why is the government so complacent?

"They must start acting with genuine urgency."

Bracknell News:

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In April, more than 1,100 arrests were made after large demonstrations were held in London.

Despite this, thousands of activists turned out in London on Monday, October 7 to push for change, with some prepared to risk arrest to draw attention to their cause.

Woody from Bracknell and Gillian from Wokingham locked themselves together using a steel tube and superglue.

Bracknell News:

Gillian said: "I’m an ordinary, working, single parent with two teenage children. I’ve never protested about anything in my life before, but I recently became aware of how serious and urgent this issue is.

"So I joined Extinction Rebellion in June and here I am, risking arrest in Whitehall.

"We parents agonise about our children’s happiness, health and education to ensure they have a successful future.

"But if we carry on as we are, they won’t have a future.”

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Activists from Extinction Rebellion demonstrated outside Bracknell Forest Council's offices in July in an attempt to persuade the authority to declare a climate emergency.

Bracknell News:

Instead, councillors came together to move forward with plans to eradicate BFC's net contribution to climate change by 2050.