A DESPAIRED mother of three feels thankful after a good samaritan took time out of his day to help try and fix her leaking window and make her "happier".

Ruby Rush lives in Great Hollands with her two children, who are 10 and six and seven-month-old baby and has suffered from mould for nearly two years.

The mother, who is also a diabetic, has had to rip up her floor because of the water damage "greatly impacting her life" and her children, with her baby not allowed to crawl on the floor.

After posting photos of the damaged window on Facebook, a window fitter who is a member of the charity Band of Builders said he will come round in the afternoon to see if he could fix her window, free of charge.

Phil Lewis from Bracknell has never met Ruby, however, he visited on October 7 at around 5pm and discovered the leaking window is 'most likely' coming from the flat above.

Bracknell News:

He said: "I’ve been involved in the charity band of builders for the last few years so I guess it is just in me to help others when possible.

"If a little bit of my time can make someone else’s life a bit happier - well why not."

Band of Builders is a charity which helps fix household problems for people less fortunate.

Phil has been a member for three years and describes the charity being like the BBC TV programme DIY SOS.

Many facebook users praised Phil for his generosity in response to the mother's despaired post about Silva Homes.

Dee Scott said: "Faith in the human race re-stored for now. What a wonderful gesture".

Ruby has lived in her property for three years and discovered her window was leaking a year later.

She has suffered the problem for two years and has reported it to Silva Homes, but they temporarily fix it and then the window starts leaking again.

The 29-year-old said: "They’ve sent numerous number of work men out to rectify the problem. A surveyor was also sent out.

"They’ve kept sealing the window which fixes the problem temporarily. The employees have always been nice to me and tried to help but they never fix the issue.

"I am an insulin dependent diabetic and my eye sight is deteriorating. Although, the window and damp did not cause the problem it is having an impact on me mentally making me very stressed at times which causes my sugar levels to raise."

A Silva Homes spokesman said: "We are sorry to hear about this situation. We visited Ms Rush’s home last week and are working with her to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

"The initial works completed by our contractor were unsatisfactory, but this only came to light when the weather worsened. We are now working with a new contractor to improve the quality of our repairs and ensure future resilience.”