IT'S the same weight as an Emperor Penguin and was voted as the heaviest pumpkin of the competition.

Alun John and his wife Sara from Ascot achieved double success on Sunday (October 6) at the Warfield Pumpkin show for growing the best pumpkins.

The pair grew their pumpkins in their allotment in South Ascot and feel thrilled to have won.

The keen pumpkin grower took the prize for the heaviest pumpkin, tipping the scales at just over 75lbs - the same weight as an Emperor Penguin.

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He said: "We couldn't even lift our biggest pumpkin out of the car until one of the other entrants kindly gave us a hand.

"We are thrilled by the results."

His wife's pumpkin won the prize for the best pumpkin and explained what it takes to grow a perfect pumpkin.

Sara said: "We looked after the pumpkins all through the summer with feed and water and were amazed when we won.

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"We've never done anything like this before and it was great to get some tips from the other competitors. We hope to do even better next year."