A CONTROLLED explosion was carried out by bomb experts after magnet fishermen discovered a 'suspicious object' at Westmorland Lake in Bracknell.

The 'pipe bomb' lookalike object was pulled out of the lake yesterday at around 3pm by specialist police Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) units. 

The object was reported to by police after a local discovered it and posted a picture of it on social media.

David McMullen from Priestwood advised the magnet fisherman to call the police after he put it back in the lake, as it could be dangerous to leave it in there.

He said: "Having been in the army as an assault pioneer I felt it should be reported. We went back at 10.00am on Sunday and he found the item again. We called it in and were asked to keep people away until the police arrived.

"Ten minutes later two police arrived and put in a small cordon. Then more arrived and widened the cordon from 50-100m. They x-rayed the item and agreed it was very suspicious so-called in EOD to blow it up."

"I’ve been in the army and served abroad in Afghan so I am fairly used to handling explosives, however, I was more worried if it was left a child might find it and mess around with it."

Police swiftly arrived and a cordon was in place while experts removed the suspicious item.

It was found not to be an explosive device but was destroyed as a safety precaution.