A DEDICATED woman will be running a half marathon to raise awareness for her sister's rare neurological condition.

Cydney Adams from Wokingham will trekking 13.1 miles in the Royal Parks Half Marathon on Sunday October 13 for Ataxia UK.

Her 19-year-old sister Emily was diagnosed with Friedreich's Ataxia when she was 8-years-old in 2008.

The disease affects a person's condition, balance and speech by disrupting messages sent to the nervous system, which worsens over time.

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Cydney has witnessed first-hand how her sister's life has deteriorated and how she has to learn to cope with a wheelchair.

She said: "Emily has an unbelievably strong will and I often think, without giving herself enough credit, she achieves the extraordinary.

"She recently went away without my parents, her carers, with a group on a trip which she organised by herself and managed for a whole week in another country."

With it being Cydney's first half marathon, she is hoping to raise £500 for Ataxia UK which has supported her family and many others.

Approximately, 10,000 adults and 500 children are affected with progressive Ataxia which makes it a rare condition.

Cydney added: "It must be very frustrating when you cannot go into a shop because there is a step to enter, or when people direct their questions about Emily to her carers or friends instead.

“Emily has been in and out of hospital regularly, whilst juggling school and her social life.”

The whole family, including Emily's mum Elaine and step dad Tony has been affected by her diagnosis.

"I think the more awareness that we can draw to the condition, more people who are facing similar circumstances can be helped and given a diagnosis more quickly", Cydney added.

Visit https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/cydney-adams to donate to her fundraising page.