“LETHAL”, "AWFUL" AND “DANGEROUS” - that’s what hungry diners have described the steep ramp at McDonald’s as.

Earlier this week the News revealed the fast-food restaurant was planning changes to its entrance to make it less steep.

Bracknell News:

This comes after one diner slipped on the ramp and suffered from whiplash as a result.

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Our readers reacted to the plans by telling us about their own difficulties and near misses with the ramp.

Bracknell News:

It is dangerous! My husband is in a manual wheelchair is extremely hard for him to tackle the ramp without tipping back

I slipped on the way in this week and myself and my son fell on top of each other coming out. It’s so dangerous.

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I have slipped on that lots of times almost fell over once when I was heavily pregnant if it wasn't for my husband who helped me just in time!!

Bracknell News:

We have found it lethal when wet and we both slipped and almost fell over

I have serious knee problems and I find it almost impossible to go down that awful slope. Very dangerous.

Bracknell News:

Others reacted with their thoughts on the restaurant, which has caused controversy for other reasons after it moved from Eagle Lane to its current spot on High Street.

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Bracknell News:

There’s nothing good about the new McDonald’s!

Nothing but problems since they moved - (they) should have stayed put!

I hate the new place. No room to order properly and nowhere to stand really once you've ordered.

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The restaurant's planning application is yet to be decided by Bracknell Forest Council.