INDIAN food has been adopted as the UK's national dish and it seems to be a very popular takeaway choice in Bracknell.

When readers found out what were the best takeaways as voted on Tripadvisor, many voted and commented alternative restaurants which were better and tastier. 

So, we just had to share them. 

Shahi restaurant was voted as the best takeaway with 55 per cent of 1525 readers votes.

Queen's Kitchen which scored a 3.5 on TripAdvisor reflected reader's opinions with just one vote. 

However, some residents disagreed and said Koh-I-Noor and Daruchini is a lot better. 

One person said: "By far the best curry house I have eaten in Bracknell is the Daruchini in Binfield - Balti King and Spice Lounge -  no chance." 

Another said: "Balti King is just rubbish food. Don't know how they even got 4 stars." 

Despite this, 42 per cent of readers voted as Balti King as their favourite.