A KIND-hearted girl "brightened up" the day for elderly residents at a care home, after she decided to surprise them with homemade cakes.

Isla Sim paid a visit to Bracknell Care Home in Crowthorne Road on Monday, September 30 to bring in some cakes that she baked and spend time with the pensioners.

The schoolgirl, who has been in and out of hospital due to her own medical condition (which means she cannot eat cake),took the time to bake "scrumptious" cupcakes for the elderly residents in exchange of getting to know them.

Isla didn't ask for any donations, she just wanted to make the residents happy and have a chat in order to brighten up their day and make them feel less isolated.

Lisa Page, Isla's mums friend, said: "Would like to thank the gorgeous Isla, a lovely local girl with mum in tow who took the time to come visit the residents at Bracknell care home tonight.

"She came armed with some scrumptious cupcakes for them and Isla didn’t want to sell or ask for a donation to any causes, all she wanted was a smile from them.

"Well she certainly got lots of smiles and lots of stories." Isla has been invited back to the care home because of her kind nature and the elderly residents loved her.

Miranda Smith, care home manager, said: "She really brightened up their day and the residents enjoyed telling their stories. It makes me smile just thinking about it. "They all thoroughly enjoyed the cakes and they would all love for her to come back. The residents enjoy interacting with children and particularly enjoyed eating her own cakes, which she baked and decorated all by herself."