A FURIOUS woman left a beauty salon in pain after suffering bruising and bleeding skin 24 hours before her holiday.

Rachel Cronin from Easthampstead Grange in Bracknell visited Naturel Beauty in Market Street for her first ever Hollywood wax appointment and was told she needed to grow a weeks worth of hair for the appointment to be carried out.

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When she visited a week after, the therapist carried out the appointment knowing the job wouldn't work properly.

The 24-year-old customer service team leader, said: "The therapist informed me that the hair wasn't really long enough and that because I shaved, the wax would not necessarily work properly. Had I known this, I would have turned the treatment down.

Bracknell News:

"What I was left with at the end of the treatment was bleeding armpits, bruising on my private areas and enough hair still on my legs to warrant going home and shaving it off."

A Hollywood wax in the salon costs £30 to £35 and Rachel wanted a refund after feeling disappointed and upset with the service she had received.

The therapist also told Rachel that she is unable to swim, sunbathe or use deodorant, which is not ideal before her holiday.

After returning from her holiday in Cyprus, Rachel popped back in to get a refund and was told she would not be given one.

Rachel published a review on Tripadvisor, which said: "Customer service was atrocious, I would not recommend the services of Naturel Beauty. My personal experience of them is that they do not operate nan honest or respectful business. Very quick to take your money but almost impossible to deal with when things do not go to plan."

A Naturel Beauty spokesman said: "Ms Cronin's matter has been dealt with amicably and she was given a refund for part of the treatment she was not satisfied with."