DID YOU know just how much Bracknell has been on the big screen?

Last week the News revealed film crews are looking at a range of locations in Bracknell Forest to shoot shows and movies.

Two Harry Potter films have been shot in the borough - one in Martin’s Heron, and one in Swinley Forest.

Bracknell News:

Here’s a list of some of the other projects filmed around Bracknell Forest.

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Fighting with My Family - 2017

Bracknell News:

Stephen Merchant comedy-drama Fighting with My Family follows a former wrestler as he makes a living performing at small venues across the country.

Starring, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Lena Hadley and Vince Vaughn, film crews shot footage by St Paul's Church in The Square in Harmanswater in 2017.

The News spotted director Stephen Merchant on location.

Bracknell News:

Broadchurch - 2014

Popular crime drama Broadchurch took advantage of Bracknell Forest to shoot footage for the show’s second series in 2014.

Fan favourites David Tennant and Olivia Coleman were reportedly spotted when crews took to Jennett’s Park and the John Nike leisure complex.

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The Wrong Mans - 2014

James Corden’s sitcom The Wrong Mans sees Berkshire County Council worker Sam Pinkett (played by Matthew Baynton) become accidentally involved in an international conspiracy.

Bracknell is the setting for the show, as Pinkett is initially tasked with creating the slogan for the regenerated town.

Most of the show was filmed in Surrey but reports showed a Christmas tree was put up in Charles Square in August 2014 for the filming of one episode.

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Eddie the Eagle - 2015

Bracknell News:

Taron Egerton stars in the biography of the notorious British ski-jumper Michael Edwards.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of the filming takes place in the snowy locations of Bavaria, Oberstdorf and Tirol, but Bracknell played a part in the silver-screen hit too.

Dry slope scenes were shot at the John Nike ski slope in 2015, and crews also used Pope’s Meadow car park for some shots.

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The Theory of Everything - 2013

Bracknell News:

This Stephen Hawking biopic starring Eddie Redmayne follows the relationship between the late physicist and his wife Jane Hawking.

According to IMDb, part of the film was shot in Swinley Forest when Jane takes the children camping.

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Best of the rest

Several other shows, series, and movies and have been filmed in Bracknell Forest, according to various reports.

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Bracknell News:

Channel 4 reality show The Undateables filmed in Pope’s Meadow, children’s show Teletubbies was partially shot at Lily Hill Park and Midsummer Murders took to the former RAF Staff college to capture its police station scenes.

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