A WINNERSH family will be taking part in an exciting project from national Down Syndrome (DS) charity, Wouldn't Change A Thing (WCAT).

A new book is being launched to support new and expectant parents and maternity units in the UK, which focuses solely on the true stories of positive, lived experiences typical of the majority of real people with Down Syndrome and their families.

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It seeks to dispel the fear that can consume new parents upon receipt of a DS diagnosis.

WCAT, a parent-led organisation, exists to correct negative, outdated perceptions of the capabilities and quality of life of people with DS and their families.

The book will feature many inspirational people, including the Taylor family from Winnersh.

In August 2017, Deborah Taylor's son Noah was born after an unexpected home birth.

He was swiftly transported to the Royal Berkshire Hospital by two teams of paramedics.

Mrs Taylor said: "Just a few hours later in hospital we received a post-natal diagnosis of Down Syndrome which was noticed after Noah needed to be urgently taken to the Neonatal Ward due to complications from what we later found out to be a Congenital Heart Defect (CHD).

"We were lucky to have positive and supportive medical professionals who delivered Noah's diagnosis.

"Unfortunately, many other families receiving a DS diagnosis do not have this positive experience.

"Noah spent the following two weeks on Buscot Ward, the Neonatal Ward for babies requiring intensive, high dependency or special care."

Mrs Taylor added that it was during this time that the family started to process what the diagnosis might mean for them.

"We were surrounded by such caring doctors and nurses, and also by the BIBS (Babies in Buscot) charity, but we also felt somewhat alone in our journey as all the other babies on the ward were premature births and we were the only family receiving a DS diagnosis," she said.

"By taking part in this book project we hope that the book will be available in all maternity units and hospitals around the country where families are receiving a DS diagnosis and that this book will give a positive view of life with DS, and it will help to take away some of the fear of the unknown."

This is the second WCAT project that the family have been a part of.

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Noah and his dad Dean were also in the #WCATDads video, filmed at Pinewood Studios and produced by Paramount Pictures, which was released earlier this year.