DRIVERS could be fined on the spot if they don’t turn their car engines off while stuck in traffic.

Wokingham Borough Council (WBC) decision makers are aiming to tackle the air pollution problems caused by vehicles which are “unnecessarily” running while stationary.

Bracknell News:

Three options have been drawn up to deal with the issue and one of these includes letting parking wardens fine drivers on the spot.

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Motorists who do not turn off their engines after they are asked to by the wardens could be charged £20, with the fee rising to £40 if it is not paid within four weeks.

Bracknell News:

Two areas in Wokingham borough have been identified as having high levels of nitrogen dioxide, a harmful gas which comes from traffic pollution.

Twyford crossroads and Wokingham town centre are included in the authority’s air quality action plan, which WBC has a duty to produce because of the high levels of pollution in these areas.

Bracknell News:

The two other options to be presented to councillors are a targeted campaign pushing drivers to switch their engines off, and installing road signs at ‘sensitive locations’ reminding motorists to turn off their cars in traffic.

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WBC has already added some banners to lampposts urging drivers to stop their cars from running.

Bracknell News:

Should councillors choose to go with the option allowing wardens to fine queuing drivers, WBC would then need to make an application to the Secretary of State.

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Members of the authority’s licensing committee will meet on Tuesday, October 1 to decide which of these options could be adopted.