EFFORTS made by Lower Earley’s McDonald’s to clean up Chalfont Park have made a “dramatic change for the better”.

Regular users of the park had complained litter dropped from the restaurant was making the area look untidy, with rats attracted to overflowing waste bins.

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McDonald’s, Wokingham Borough Council (WBC) and Earley Adopt a Street Initiative (EASI) teamed up to improve the appearance of Chalfont Park in light of these issues.

In February 2019, McDonald’s lower Earley restaurant franchise owner Richard Forte invested in a part-time litter picker to address the problem.

Bracknell News:

WBC and McDonald’s partnership working to ensure bins are regularly emptied has made a “dramatic change for the better”, according to the EASI.

Gary Wyatt, from Lower Earley, said: “Chalfont Park is now a well maintained tree-fringed oasis of green space that provides my family with an opportunity to escape from the urban sprawl of Lower Earley, and enjoy our own tranquil little piece of nature."

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Last spring, McDonald’s gathered 40 of its employees from its Reading restaurants to join Earley Town Council’s Huge Earley Litter Pick.

Nicolette Evans, Earley Adopt a Street Initiative (EASI) Committee member, said: “We’re delighted that McDonald’s decision to take on a litter picker earlier this year is visibly reducing street litter in this part of Earley.

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“We hope that other local restaurants and shops will follow suit and take on a similar responsibility for litter picking around their premises to help ease the load for our hard-working 300 EASI volunteers.”