FROM lattes to flat whites, to espresso or a standard cup of tea, we have had a look at the top 5 coffee shops in Bracknell town centre as voted on Tripadvisor.

Here's what we found - what do you think?

1. Mason and Rye - 4.5 stars 

This hidden gem is surprisingly located in Fenwicks and produces cakes which are a 'work of art'. They offer a range of coffees, hot chocolate, cakes, sandwiches and salads.

One reviewer on Tripadvisor said: "Always enjoy visiting this cafe inside the beautiful Fenwick's store in Bracknell. Excellent and unusual cakes, absolute works of art. Salads are good as is the other food on offer and the service is always helpful and extremely pleasant. Chairs are comfortable and the tables well spaced out. A pleasure to visit."

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2. Brown Bag - 4 stars 

This coffee shop is located on the High Street in The Lexicon and offers a variety of takeaway or sit-in options, including by popular demand - smoothies and milkshakes.

One reviewer on the site, said: "I have been to Brown Bag in Bracknell a few times now, the service is always good and when you ask for a large cappuccino of coffee you better they don't skimp out (the mug you get is a beast)

"They do a solid assortment of sandwiches and drinks with a small cake stand by the till in case you're looking for a sugar boost.

"The milkshakes are top draw as are the hot chocolates."

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3. Pret A Manger - 3.5 stars

This chain coffee shop located in The Avenue provides gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options as well as a good variety of drinks and food. 

Reviews are mixed with one person saying it could be better as their cappucino was 'poor' however, another person said it was the best coffee in Bracknell. You win some, you lose some...

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4. Costa Coffee - 3.5 stars

This chain coffee shop is an easy option for people on the go, located in the High Street - it is a short distance from the train station and offers a good range of coffees and seasonal drinks taking you right through to its loveable Christmas cups.

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5. Coffee Barker - 3 stars

Located in The Avenue in the centre of town, this quirky coffee shop is a little on the 'pricier side'. Despite this, there is a great option for food, such as cooked breakfasts and cakes.

One reviewer said: "This is a pleasant place to stop for a cup of coffee with plenty of space and lots of easy chairs. Makes a good change from a coffee chain venue."

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