Bracknell’s town centre McDonald’s has installed frosting on the windows of its top floor. 

This comes after residents who live just metres away in flats opposite the Ferriby Court restaurant complained about customers looking into their homes and invading their privacy. 

Bracknell News: Residents' flats (left) are opposite McDonald's windows(where wooden panels used to be)Residents' flats (left) are opposite McDonald's windows(where wooden panels used to be)

The fast-food chain added the protective screening to its windows after meetings were called between bosses from McDonald’s and Silva Homes and local councillors. 

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Cllr Dee Hamilton was one Bracknell Forest Council (BFC) member involved in getting the frosting added, and she told the News how the additions came about. 

She said: “There was a lot of concerns raised by residents about these windows. 

“In June 2019 I met with executives from McDonald’s and Silva Homes - the meeting was very productive and McDonald’s said they would look to improve the situation with the frosting. 

“It is at eye level and it works well - it matches the McDonald’s aesthetic and I think they have done it very sensitively.”

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Residents living opposite the restaurant have taken drastic measures to stop customers looking into their homes - with one homeowner adding scary masks and Halloween decorations to their own windows. 

Cllr Hamilton, who represents the Wildridings and Central ward, added: “I hope that the residents will be happy with the outcome. 

“It is a result of partnership working.”

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Councillor Mike Skinner represented the same ward before May’s elections and he told the News: “I’m really pleased and delighted at the result of this.”