WORLD suicide prevention day marks the annual campaign which raises awareness of a world where fewer people die by suicide.

Communities and charities from around the world campaign on September 10 with mental health groups to ask the UK government to make suicide prevention a priority.

A recent report from the Office for National Statistics shows that in Bracknell, the highest amount of suicides which took place between 2002 - 2018 happened in 2011, where 14 died by suicide, compared with the lowest of one person in 2007.

Less people in Bracknell died by suicide in 2018 (five) compared to 2017 (12).

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Male suicide rates are at an all time high, as last week new statistics showed the male suicide rate rose in the UK for the first time since 2013 after 4,903 men killed themselves in 2018 at a rate of 17.2 per 100,000 of the population.

It marks an increase of 521 suicides on 2017, which is the biggest change in the suicide rate since 1998.

The suicide rates also includes an increase in young people and the highest suicide rates on record for women under 25 years old.

The Samaritans believes reducing self-harm is key to suicide prevention

As self-harm is a strong predictor of future suicide risk, the leading suicide prevention charity is focusing more attention on understanding the rise in self-harm among young people.

Jacqui Morrissey, assistant director of research and influencing, Samaritans comments: “The introduction of self-harm to the national suicide prevention strategy was a positive step in the right direction and we’re pleased to see self-harming in young people recognised as a priority this year; however, the government still lacks a clear plan on how to reach those who self-harm, particularly young people and those who aren’t engaged with health services."

Bracknell Samaritans have been contacted for a comment.