CAR PARKING prices in Bracknell will soon be increased following a decision by the council.

Councillors met yesterday (Monday, September 9) to discuss whether or not prices at The Avenue, High Street, Braccan Walk and Weather Way car parks should rise by up to 20 pence an hour.

The move was agreed by a unanimous vote.

The fees for the four car parks are reviewed annually in line with the anniversary of the opening of The Lexicon.

They have not been changed since The Avenue was opened in September 2017.

The council say the proposed increases will generate an additional minimum of £125,000 per annum.

Motorists using the facilities for more than sixty minutes will pay 20p more per hour.

This means a driver parking for up to eight hours will pay £7.30 rather than £7.10.

It was discussed at the meeting that the recommendations, in comparison to other local car parks in the surrounding areas which Bracknell would compete with, including Reading, Woking and Guildford, would ensure that competitiveness in pricing continues.

The changes to pricing will come into effect from October 1.

Councillor Chris Turrell said: "I think this is a wise cause of action in terms of recognising that there has been some slight increase in cost in two years.

"I think in terms of keeping competitive, in terms of people getting to the Lexicon, we are seeing a reasonable number of people using public transport - it is important.

"But certainly we have good car parks and I think it's important to have confidence in the product that we offer in terms of our car parks."