A KIND-hearted company has donated £400 worth of artificial grass for a National Trust art project aimed to create a "homely and welcoming environment."

Flooring Superstore in Bracknell provided Philippa Kate Weaver, a designer, with fake grass to help create her design displayed in Leith Hill Place in Dorking.

The Cave Garden sculpture is part of the National Trust and was designed to create a calming atmosphere.

Philippa said: "The Cave Garden was in the cellar of the house so the challenge was to create a homely welcoming environment which was atmospheric and where people could sit on the floor or on wooden seats and use clay to form objects to add to the sculpture.

“The sponsorship from Flooring Superstore was very much appreciated and I am hopeful of being able to use the artificial turf again in the future by recreating The Cave Garden elsewhere.

“I had a limited budget and needed quite a lot of turf, so I approached Flooring Superstore and was delighted when they said they would sponsor the project.”

The designer explained artificial grass is better than real as it would not have lasted longer than 3 months.

As well as this, the sculpture was designed to transform an underground garden and has received "amazing feedback",with the designer being asked to present to the Royal Academy of Arts.

Louise Shore, manager of the Flooring Superstore in Bracknell, said: “We were pleased to be able to support Philippa’s project and are delighted it was so successful.

“We’re used to providing artificial grass for gardens and play areas, but this is the first time that it’s been used for an art project in a National Trust building, so we’re honoured to have been involved."