A FURIOUS woman is outraged with the council after her car was hit overnight by a lorry which shouldn't have had access down her road.

Trish Marriott who lives on Old Bracknell Road East noticed a HGV was driving down the road at around 2am on Thursday, September 5.

She noticed part of her cars rear light was broken and smashed on the floor, believing the lorry hit her car while trying to drive down the narrow residential street.

Trish said: "I have no idea why a lorry was down there. It is a Slovakian registered vehicle so not local so they should not have been down there.

"I have asked the council if they can put more sights to stop this from happening as apparently it is not the first time, but they have not got back to me."

The incident happened while the roadworks on the A322 Downshire Way is taking place and during this time, the road has been used as through road making it "busier than usual".

The resident added: "Sometimes there are directions for local traffic to use Old Bracknell Lane East, but the gate was not open at 2am - probably because it wouldn't have been a shortcut anyway."

The Downshire Way improvement scheme is converting the A322 between the Twin Bridges Roundabout and the Horse and Groom roundabout (Downshire Way) to two lanes in both directions.

The council website notes that residents and businesses within Old Bracknell Lane West who access their properties via the A322 Downshire Way have been able to gain access and exit through the gate between Old Bracknell Lane East and West and the gate is operated by a Banksman throughout the night.

However, for one resident living on Old Bracknell Lane East it has been a 'frustrating experience'.

Andrew Hunter, Director, Place, Planning and Regeneration at Bracknell Forest Council, said:  “We inform residents when roadworks are taking place as the council recognises that they can cause some disruption and inconvenience.  For this work, residents were informed two weeks in advance of a start on site. Old Bracknell Lane East and West remain no through roads, and as such were not identified as part of a diversion route.

“We are aware an incident took place between two private vehicles, and this is a matter for the police. We would remind residents to follow the official signposted diversion routes and drive carefully through these roadworks.”

Thames Valley Police has been contacted for a comment.