RESIDENTS are being warned about letting people into their homes after two men tried to enter a property to carry out fake repair works.

A warning comes after reports of two men pretending to be contractors, claiming to be from Silva Homes and trying to gain access into a persons home to carry out a sewage leak.

Luckily, the resident didn't let the pair in as realisation kicked in that the con men were probably out to steal things inside the property, using a distraction technique.

A Silva Homes spokesman said: "Two con men posing as Silva Homes contractors have tried to gain access to one of our properties, under the pretence of undertaking repairs work.

"When not given access to the property, these two men changed their story, by saying that they were actually called in to prevent a sewage leak.

"These two men had no Silva Homes ID and the resident was not given any notice that our contractors would attend. "They were intending to carry out a con, whereby one man would have distracted the tenant, while the other walked around the property stealing things.

"Thankfully, the resident of this property saw through the con and didn’t let them in.

Silva Homes employees or contractors say they always carry ID on them and will notify people before visiting their property.

Residents are urged to request ID before letting strangers into their homes and let Silva Homes if they see anything suspicious.