More than 60 residents gathered at one time outside Wokingham town hall on Wednesday to protest Boris Johnson’s plans to suspend parliament. 

MPs will not be able to debate in the House of Commons from mid-September to mid-October because of the move as the Prime Minister attempts to push through Brexit. 

A number of protests have popped up across the country as campaigners call for an end to the suspension, including one in Reading on Tuesday (September 3).

Anna Box, the organiser of the ‘Defend our Democracy’ protest, told the News: “We had loads of positive reactions from the residents of Wokingham. 

“I think the whole vibe of the place has been incredibly positive and almost like a festival vibe.”

Protesters gathered to hear speeches from a number of activists, including Wokingham Town Council leader Imogen Shepherd-DuBey, Reading Trade Unions Council secretary David McMullen, Wokingham For Europe spokesperson Vanessa Rogers, and Louise Timlin, data manager for the local Woman’s Equality Party. 

Speaking about why residents had gathered outside the town hall, she said: “It’s a cause that everyone can get united behind, and whether you voted Leave or Remain, I think we are often all annoyed that the democratic process is not being truly adhered to in a specifically moral way.” 

The protest followed a dramatic day in parliament as opposition MPs inched closer to preventing a no-deal Brexit before parliament is suspended.

Dr Phillip Lee MP, who is one of four MPs representative of Wokingham borough, sensationally cut the government’s majority to zero after he crossed the floor to join the Lib Dems from the Tories. 

MP for Wokingham and staunch Brexiteer John Redwood came in for criticism from protestors, and Labour councillor Andy Croy said: “It’s really important to send a message to John Redwood and other MPs that we don’t want parliament closed. 

“It’s one thing to do it for administrative reasons, but parliament is being closed to gain political advantage, so we’re here to literally defend parliamentary democracy. 

“If you take away parliament, you’re also taking away democracy.”

The protest took place on Wednesday, September 4.