Bracknell MP Dr Phillip Lee was on the winning side in the House of Commons last night (Tuesday, September 3) as rebel MPs took control of the Brexit debate. 

This came hours after he crossed the floor to join the Liberal Democrats from the Tories in order to try and prevent a no-deal Brexit. 

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The opposition's success has increased the chances of a general election as Prime Minister Boris Johnson asked MPs to back his plans for a new poll.

With only seven per cent of Bracknell's electorate voting for the Liberal Democrats at the 2017 general election, questions have been raised about what this means for Bracknell's new Lib Dem MP.

When quizzed over whether he will stand in Bracknell as a Lib Dem should a new general election take place in the coming weeks, Dr Phillip Lee refused to say he would.

Speaking to BBC Radio Berkshire, he said: "This is not about me - this is about the issue at hand."

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Commenting on his decision to defect, he added: "I was on a journey over the last few months having long conversations with family and friends about where I was politically.

"The political culture within the (Conservative) Party has changed.

"I came to the conclusion I could not best serve my constituents by remaining a Conservative.

"I think they want someone who has their best interests in his judgement.

"Ultimately I'm elected to represent all of my constituents, either remainers or leavers, and that is what I will continue to do.

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"This isn't about me, it is about the people of Bracknell constituency and the businesses in my constituency.

"I have a responsibility as a member of parliament to do what I think is best and I will continue to do that as a Liberal Democrat.

"I feel I am in the right place and I am very proud and pleased to have made the decision I have made."

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