ANNOYED neighbours have resorted to using temporary motorway crash barriers to stop travellers from using their residential site to set up camp.

Residents took matters into their own hands when roughly 20 caravans tried to drive down Wellington Court in Spencers Wood on July 30.

Nearly four weeks later, the entrance to the private road is still blocked as neighbours fear if they open it up, travellers will sneakily try and get in again.

Bracknell News:

Clive from Wokingham drives past the road on his route to work and feels the temporary blockade is a bit excessive.

He said: "It looks a bit dramatic that they have put that up. They must feel really strongly about not having travellers come in.

"I have seen the developments of the situation and they've now put a motorway barrier." The News were contacted by Victoria Animbam when the block first happened and she explained how the 'human blockade' is the only way she and her neighbours can feel safe from travellers entering the private road

Residents took it in turns to block the road from morning till night.

She said: "We have all been taking turns to keep watch and Colin (resident) stayed up all night to block the road. No one else is doing anything, so we have to."

In January 2019, travellers manage to enter Wellington Court in Wokingham and caused "noise and distress" to families, proving this is a popular spot for them.

Bracknell News:

The residents contacted Thames Valley Police but because they haven't actually set up camp they can't do anything about it.

A Wokingham Borough Council spokesman said they would not comment as this is private land.