PROUD pet owners from Bracknell, Wokingham and Ascot have been sending in their furry friends in a bid to be crowned 'Pet of the Week'.

Since the News began its weekly pets competition, we have had all kinds of animals to pick and choose from, with turtles, snakes, rabbits to horses, dogs and cats. This week, cuddly canines are taking over and these are our favourites.

We have some strong contenders on the line up from happy looking dogs to perfect little companions - but who will be your favourite pooch?

Moki has got typical puppy dog eyes as he poses on the bed - either that or he feels guilty for eating all the dog biscuits.

Luna loves to play in the sand as she embraces the summer holidays and Dexter is taking in the outdoors as he spends time in his garden.

Archie sits proud and tall as he takes guard of his humble abode and finally, we have Lily who is relaxing and doing what dog's do best.

They are all adorable but they need your votes to be crowned pet of the week!

Send pictures of your pets, name and age to for a chance to be featured in the paper.