An inquest into the death of "beautiful and charming" young hairdresser Louis Shaw found that he died by suicide.

The 26-year-old had been a junior stylist but within weeks was made a senior - the only member of staff at his salon to be promoted.

Louis lived with his parents at their country home, where a barn had been converted to give him his own space.

Everyone believed he was enjoying life and was happy, but deep inside he was struggling against demonising bipolar, post traumatic stress disorder and an emotional personality disorder.

His parents were too upset to attend an inquest into his death and his sister, who did attend, was praised by the coroner for her bravery in being there.

Louis' secret secret battles were exposed at the inquest, which heard how the young man took his own life in his room, leaving his family shocked and heartbroken.

The coroner was told that on the evening before his death, Louis returned home from work as usual and went to his room.

Police constable Matthew Gordon was called to Keepers Cottage, in Farleigh Hill, near Reading, on April 4 this year to reports that a family member had been found dead.

He told the assistant Berkshire coroner, Alison McCormick: "The ambulance crew stated that there was no life-saving opportunity."

The crew certified Louis' death at 9.35am.

Louis had just started working at the newly-opened salon "The Colour Palette" in Crowthorne, and owner Hardia Van Rensburg said: "He was the only member of staff to be promoted as we only opened recently.

"He was excellent with the customers, very friendly and bubbly."

In his evidence, Dr Will Beacham of the Swallowfield Medical Practice confirmed that Louis had suffered an overdose in 2016 and described his condition as "emotionally unstable personality disorder, complex PTSD and bipolar disorder."

He said: "Louis had a lengthy medical health history.

"He came off his medication in 2016 and his anxiety increased.

"In 2017 his script was reviewed and he was referred back to the mental health services but he was not seen until March 2018 and did not attend any follow up appointments.

"He was last seen in the practice in January 2019."

A tribute from his family said: "Louis was a beautiful, charming, kind young man with a likeable character whose smile could light up a room.

"He suffered from mental health problems into his 20's but over the past two to three years his mental health had been much better.

"He seemed settled and happy in work as he had just been promoted. His death came as a huge shock to everyone who knew him that he had hidden his personal demons so well.

"We are utterly devastated at having to face the reality of living in a world without him."

Ms McCormick, sitting at Berkshire Coroner's Court in Reading, praised Louis' sister Abbie for her bravery in attending the inquest and noted that Louis's parents were too heartbroken too attend.