ELDERLY residents living with dementia have tried a new piece of software aimed at stimulating sensory feelings in the brain.

RMBI Lord Harris Court in Sindlesham, Wokingham are one of the first residential home in the country to try out the new technology.

Magic table, known as Tovertafel, was developed by a PhD student who wanted to create a stimulative activity for people living with dementia.

The name was coined by a person living with dementia who used the technology and said: "This is a magic table."

The piece of technology is made up of a projector hung from the ceiling that throws interactive, colourful and moving light games onto a table that people can use and play with.

Residents are then encouraged to reach towards the games and lights and respond with their hand and arm movements.

Carol Green, RMBI Lord Harris court activities coordinator, said: "Our residents absolutely love our new magic table.

"It is amazing to see the impact that it is having already on their health and wellbeing. We are very grateful to The Gibb and Whitebread Memorial Fund for generously contributing to the cost of installing this cutting edge technology in our Home.”

The magic table also encourages social interaction as four people can be around a table at once.

Residents can work together on a giant jigsaw puzzle, throw a ball to one another or play tennis.