DRIVERS have been abiding by the rules when it comes to disabled parking in Wokingham, according to new research.

Data from vehicle finance provider Moneybarn, shows the Borough has issued one of the lowest numbers of disabled parking fines, suggesting people are parking where they should be.

Over a two year period, motorists were issued with 1,356 disabled parking fines by Wokingham Borough Council and only 1 per cent of fines were cancelled.

Some reasons why drivers come face to face with a ticket is because a CCTV camera did not scan the blue badge, or drivers couldn't get back to the car in time due to mobility.

A parking attendant may not have seen the blue badge or thought it was displayed incorrectly or parking rules were broken by a mistake.

Tim Schwarz, head of marketing at Moneybarn, said: "It is vital disabled parking bays are kept free for those who need them.

"That said, if you feel like you have been issued a fine incorrectly, follow the appeal process issued by your council and ensure you have the correct information and documents to hand."

The research analysed 41 local councils in England to find out which areas had the most and least parking violations from cars parked in disabled bays.