A PETROL station in Crowthorne will be allowed to sell booze until late despite protests from residents concerned about crime and noise.

The BP garage, which is set to be built on Bracknell Road, will have a Marks and Spencers attached to it and neighbours are worried they could see a spike in anti-social behaviour with cashiers allowed to sell alcohol until midnight.

But Bracknell Forest Council (BFC) licensing bosses gave the plans the all-clear after weighing up arguments from applicants and an objector.

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Cathy Mason, who lives opposite the ringfenced site, and was one of seven to send BFC their concerns, said: “I think this would be quite an extreme disturbance to our lives.

“It is almost certainly going to result in people coming past our garden and chucking bottles in there, and I know a neighbour who has had a fence kicked in by people passing by.

“Crowthorne is not the height of crime but we don’t want crime to come here in the future.”

Bracknell News:

Thames Valley Police initially had concerns about anti-social behaviour originating from the site but did not lodge an objection after applicants agreed to put in extra safety measures to deter potential crime.

Applicants also offered to add an extra measure during discussions with BFC’s licensing panel, promising to hide alcohol behind shutters and screens when it is not allowed to be sold.

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Documents submitted to the council appeared to show applicants wanted the petrol station to be a 24-hour business, but a legal consultant representing garage bosses clarified the group was only applying for an opening time of 6am until midnight.

The consultant said: “We don’t see the site becoming a huge attraction – we don’t see lots of people coming there late at night.

“It is a lovely area and we want to contribute with our store.

“We don’t believe problems will arise and we want to be a good neighbour to residents.”

After a long discussion, councillors Malcolm Tullett, Tricia Brown and John Porter returned to announce applicants had been given the green light to sell alcohol from 6am until midnight having been satisfied with Thames Valley Police’s safety assessment.

Speaking to the News after the meeting, Ms Mason said: “I’m disappointed – obviously being a local resident I would have appreciated an earlier finishing time.”

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Planning permission was approved in July 2018 despite more than 150 objections from residents.

Applicants were granted the licence at a BFC meeting on Wednesday, July 17.