CONCERNED councillors have called for more openness about complaints received against elected members.

A report produced for Wokingham Borough Council’s (WBC) Standards committee showed the authority received six complaints about councillors since March 2019 – but all six did not reveal which member the grievance was about.

Two of the complaints received are still being investigated after people complained about the behaviour and conduct of two elected councillors.

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The four others have been resolved, either because officers decided against pursuing the complaint, or because the councillors in question were not re-elected in May.

But Cllr Sally Gurney, an Independent Wokingham Town Council representative, called for more complaint transparency where possible.

She said: “As a voter, I would like to know if somebody is (being complained about).

“I would like to know that the councillor I’m voting for has not been reported for things by multiple people.”

Cllr Gurney pointed out councillors can be found in breach of codes of conduct but if the issue is resolved ‘informally’ with the complainant, details of the incident will not be made public.

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Liberal Democrats councillor Prue Bray backed up Cllr Gurney, agreeing the limited details given about complaints ‘felt like secrecy.’

She added: “That’s worse than publishing it – if people saw what it was they would be reassured that we’re not all lining our own pockets.”

Officer Andrew Moulton suggested the council reviews its practices relating to openness within the authority, and is expected to produce a report outlining what WBC can do to improve its transparency before the committee meets again in October.

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Councillors met to discuss the complaints at a meeting on Monday, July 8.