BRACKNELL's MP Dr Phillip Lee visited a new "state-of-the-art" hospital facility finding it "extremely impressive" after its redevelopment.

Broadmoor Hospital in Crowthorne welcomed the Bracknell MP, along with two senior representatives from the Police and Crime Commissioner's office to the new site on Friday, July 5.

The facility, which has been taken over by West London NHS Trust from Kier at the end of April 2019, is due to receive its first patients before the end of the year.

Broadmoor Hospital has upgraded to a modern appearance, using natural light to provide a more open feel and brightly decorated walls chosen by the patients themselves, to inject a bit of colour and fun to the facility.

Dr Lee who was impressed with the new facility, said: "Having taken a keen interest in Broadmoor and its redevelopment since the project began, I am very pleased with the result.

"Although, I have visited the construction site several times, I still found the completed facility extremely impressive and I can see how patients carers and staff will benefit greatly from the environment in the new hospital."

Guests were shown around the new hospital, learning about its new technology and how its wards are all named after London Underground lines, bringing a creative touch to the modern day facility.

Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Barber, said: "The new facilities at Broadmoor are a huge step forward. Dealing with the secure hospitals such as Broadmoor as well as the many prisons in Thames Valley presents a challenge for the police.

"It was a good opportunity to discuss the issues of crime within the hospital and to ensure we strike the right balance to protect staff, patients and the public.”

Carolyn Regan, the NHS Trust’s chief executive said, “We were really pleased to welcome Phillip Lee, along with the Police and Crime Commissioner and his Deputy, to our new Broadmoor Hospital.

"Dr Lee has always been a staunch supporter of the hospital and has visited many times in the past.

"As we ramp up our preparations for staff and patients to move in, it was good to show all of them how the new buildings will provide a much more modern and therapeutic environment for patients."