A COUPLE who felt 'scared' after a television bailiff entered their property unlawfully have said their story can help protect more innocent victims from debt collectors.

Leigh Bozkurt who lives in Crown Wood, Bracknell with her partner Andrew Turner, filmed the ordeal after a bailiff from Channel Five's show Can't Pay? We'll Take it Away! let himself in through the front door in September, 2018.

The woman recorded on her phone as the bailiffs refused to leave the house, searching through private drawers and wardrobes in their home.

Bracknell News: The couple want to highlight how innocent people fall victim to bailiffs The couple want to highlight how innocent people fall victim to bailiffs

A hearing at Brighton County Court last week ruled TV bailiff Gary Brown, should have made more thorough checks on the couples home before entering the property.

It was proven the couple did not owe any money and their address had been given to a collection company by the real debtor.

Andrew Turner, said: "Very few people beat a bailiff and he was an unlawful bailiff, he was not a fit and proper person.


"I just want this to show that there are sadly many people falling victim to these kind of people and that it needs to be stopped."

Mr Brown entered their home with a junior colleague after their address was supplied by Direct Collection Bailiffs Limited.

and when they left I had to take Leigh to the medical centre as her anxiety was so high."

Direct Collection Bailiffs Limited have been contacted for comment.