A DISABLED couple feel 'unnerved' after having to pay for a car parking fine despite not being warned when a warden walked past.

Ian and Sheila Harmsworth from Winchgrove Road, Bracknell visited The Peel Centre on April 5 to buy their weekly shop at Morrisons when they were slapped with a £85 fine from Euro Car Parks.

The pensioners paid a reduced fine of £50 for paying it in 'good faith' but were refused a refund after trying to appeal.

Ian said: "I think it is disgusting. We struggle enough as we are living on our pensions and it is a rather naughty trick.

"It made me so mad, there are no sings saying blue badge holders can not use the parking spaces - it is catch 22."

In a letter sent to the parking firm, Mr Harmsworth explained there were no disabled bays available so he had to park in a Parent and Toddler bay.

A patrol officer saw the couple park there but hadn't warned them to park somewhere else. When they returned from their weekly food shop an hour later they noticed a ticket on their windscreen.

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Ian said: "I had no choice but to park close to the building due to my ill health. I am 79-years-old and my wife who was with me, also has a heart issue as well as serious walking difficulties."

The pensioner suffers with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) which is a progressive lung disease and affects his breathing.

When Ian approached the parking warden about why he wasn't alerted to the car parking changes, he was told that 'it is not my job to tell you. You should have known better."

He added: "At that point I felt pretty low. They said it is not their problem that we have health problems - all they did was just laugh."

Euro Car Parks have been approached for comment.