Council plans to turn Horseshoe Lake into a country park took a step forward last night (Tuesday, June 18) despite calls for more transparency and public involvement from residents.

Councillor John Harrison said Bracknell Forest Council (BFC) is set to work with “local partners and agencies” to design the park for the benefit of residents.

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According to the council, these partners include other local authorities, neighbouring landowners, interest groups such as horse riders, dog walkers, ramblers and water sports users and the Lake’s water sports company, along with residents “on a local and wider scale”.

But some Sandhurst locals are unhappy with the way BFC has so far progressed its plans after the council excluded members of the public and the press from the Tuesday meeting.

Mike Forster told the News of his frustration at the lack of a residents consultation, saying: “It is awful. We are being shut out but we are trying to find out what is going on.

“We are going to campaign for the residents to have a voice.

“The biggest problem with it is the transport links are awful.

“The roads nearby are tiny and you’re going to have chaos if you put more people down that road.

“Horseshoe Lake is a fantastic place and we don’t want it to lose its character.”

Contractors will now be sought by BFC before a planning application is submitted by November 2019.

A council spokesperson also told the News the public will have an opportunity to comment on plans when the planning application is submitted.

The News exclusively revealed BFC’s plans for Horseshoe Lake in December 2018 but since then new details have been limited.

It will cost BFC more than £2.6 million to enhance and it is hoped the authority could generate £85,000 a year from a potential 150,000 annual visitors.

But residents have called for greater clarity on the prices of activities at the site, more information on how the council will mitigate transport issues nearby and a clearer picture of the design of the revamped area.

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An opening date of April 2021 has been proposed for the new country park.