At the height of the Cold War in 1960 a Crowthorne businessman, Benjamin Richardson made a unique decision to buy a ‘Moskvitch’ saloon car from the Soviet Union.

Mr Richardson travelled to London to buy the car, which cost him £760 and was greeted by a crowd of reporters and a BBC film unit.

He told the assembled media: “I have never heard of a vehicle which is supplied with its own set of tools and it is very comfortable, fast and economic to run.”

Until recently Benjamin had been driving a 1938 Wolseley, but he admitted that his son would now take over his “veteran” car.

The fanfare for Bracknell’s new Carnival Queen could well have been “God Save the Queen” 59 years ago, but unfortunately the organisers missed a trick.

They crowned 17-year-old Telephone Exchange operator Joyce Godsave, from Easthampstead, as the town’s new first lady, and she looked very pleased with herself whilst posing for the News cameraman Cliff Watts.

Borough Green School, Easthampstead held its first ever garden fete in 1960, after weeks of organising and praying for good weather.

A number of activities took place on the day, including a mannequin parade, a display of gymnastics and a special judo show by Bracknell Judo Club. One of the fundraising targets for the committee was to help finish the school stage, which would enable theatrical plays and musical performances to be performed.

The 3rd Bracknell Troop’s new £2,000 Scout Hut behind Priestwood Square, Bracknell, which had been in use for over nine months, was officially opened by the Berkshire County Commisssioner, Col Grenville-Grey. Highlight of the short ceremony was the unveiling of a coloured photograph of Lord Baden-Powellwhich hung alongside smaller portraits of Lord Rowallan and Sir Charles Maclean, former and present Chief Scouts respectively.

Two Afghan Hounds, owned by Joyce Purdue from Bullbrook, Bracknell, won first prize, two seconds and two third prizes at the Aldershot dog show in 1960.

Proud “mum” Joyce posed for the News with her pride and joy(s), Patchouli Khonabad Surusu and Patchouli Matoaka.

Clifford Dairies announced the winner of their recent ‘cream’ competition as Janet James from Binfield, who had come up with a new and inventive advertising slogan.

Although Janet admitted she was pleased with her prize, a set of contemporary garden chairs and coffee table she did let slip that she had her heart set on a slightly larger item.

Speaking to the News she said: “I have always wanted to win a car in a competition-now I feel my chances have been restrained somewhat by this win.”