AUTHOR David Barker has visited Bracknell library to talk about the last book in his scientific trilogy that focuses on climate change.

David Barker has recently had his third book ‘White Gold’ of the Gaia trilogy published and came to the library to celebrate after his book launch in London.

Mr Barker believes that the trilogy is perfect for fans of thrillers and that the book has had terrific reviews because of the interesting backdrop of climate change.

During his visit to the library David entertained visitors with his knowledge of the planet's water shortage issues.

He also discussed the cli-fi, which refers to a book genre that involves climate fiction by pointing out early examples of similar books.

David also talked knowledgeably about how to get a book published and how he managed to write and work at the same time.

The Bracknell Forest library service are keen to put on more author events and are planning a series of these later this year called “Listen while You Lunch”.

The service are also preparing their first ever Literary Festival in October. For more information, visit: