The legendary pop group Slade “blasted their way through a rip-roaring performance” at the Bracknell Sports Centre in 1972, leaving the audience of teenagers “looning with enthusiasm.”

Urging everyone to sing along and have a good time, Slade belted through an hour-long rock set, which included their big single successes “Coz I luv You” and “Look Wot You Dun.”

But the concert had to be cut short half an hour early, due to complaints about the “Noize” from nearby residents, plus the management at the centre billed the band on its board outside as “SLAD”.

For the first time in the 27-year history of the Ascot Division of the St. John Ambulance Brigade, two cadets gained one of the organisations highest wards- the Grand Prior badge.

Stephen Jackson and Andrew Way had gained the necessary 12 proficiency certificates in subjects such as physical recreation, handicrafts, camping and cooking.

Ascot Divisional Superintendent Roger Davis told the Bracknell News:” This award is a very hard one to get, so it takes quite some time to reach this standard.”

Ravenswood Village, Crowthorne welcomed HRH Princess Anne to the official opening of their new Annie Lawson School, a specialist centre for mentally handicapped children.

Escorted by the Principal Stanley Segal, a royal tour of the £300,000 facility revealed a new speech therapy room, medical and hydrotherapy units, which were due to cater for over 100 pupils.

Bracknell District Council had been the subject of much ‘mud-slinging’ 47 years ago, as the redevelopment of the town centre had seen them receiving numerous complaints.

During the previous two years of construction a muddy mess (in the winter) and large amounts of dust (in the summer) had tried local resident’s patience.

But with the opening of The Ring and Met. Office roundabout and the addition of paving and street lighting the future looked bright for the towns ‘new look’.

Later that year the new Bentall’s department store was due to open and Winchester House was due to include a large canopy cover for the permanent placement for market stall holders.

Part of the wall bordering St. Mary’s Church, Winkfield was demolished by a car in 1972, but this was not the first time that accidents at the notoriously dangerous corner.

A catalogue of driving errors had resulted in three vehicles hitting the White Hart public house, four had hit a neighbouring house and six had careered through the church walls.

Landlord Pauline Haywood told the News:” At night you can hear the cars screeching around the corner, it is only a matter of time before two cars smash head-on and people are killed.”

Bracknell Tennis Club had an unfortunate draw in the Division 3 Inter-Club Championships in ’72 -both of their top teams playing against each other.

But the mixed squads posed happily for the Bracknell News camera before hostilities commenced and the first team’s triumph.