RESIDENTS across Wokingham have joined in with the towns first ever wellbeing week, which was organised to help people talk more freely about mental health issues.

Wokingham Wellbeing Week was designed to bring together organisations, individuals and charities that work in wellbeing and mental health in the borough.

Anna Adams, who organised the event is happy with how it went and believes it was great to try something new.

She said: “Wokingham Wellbeing Week was a great way of bringing people together and talking about wellbeing and mental health.

“It was a great way of trying something new and reaching out to lots of people. It was less about the individual events and more about the conversations that were had because of Wokingham hosting a wellbeing event. “

During the week crochet kites were put up around the town and there were also a range of activities including yoga sessions, art exhibitions, relaxation workshops and a community picnic in Howard Palmer Gardens.

Anna added: “The first day went really well with the Barkham Hooker, a local crochet group putting up crocheted kites up around the town centre.

“The kites are the logo for Wellbeing Week and represent fun, friendship, freedom and fearlessness.”

Anna, who works at Rough Sketch Theatre hopes it can become an annual event.

She said: “I hope to run Wokingham Wellbeing Week next year with funding and support from the Wokingham Borough Council to get a wider reach for the events and more support from local businesses supporting particular events.

"Thank you to all those that supported it this year.”

The Wokingham Wellbeing Week ran from May 13 to May 19.

For more information visit the Wokingham Wellbeing Week 2019 page on Facebook.