A FAMILY have been reunited with their cat called Cuddles who went missing nine months ago after giving up all hope.

Cuddles the black cat went missing after Angela Brien and her family moved from the Bullbrook area of Bracknell to Harmans Water in August last year.

The devastated family searched across the area, put up posters, contacted neighbours and local vets but gave up hope in December 2018.

Cuddles went missing during their move and Angela believes the family tried their best to keep him safe.

She said: “The day of the move was exhausting and we tried really hard to keep Cuddles confined downstairs but, somehow, with all the coming and going, he managed to escape through a window.

“We were all very upset and tried really hard to find him for the next few months. Eventually, though, we had to admit defeat and thought he was gone forever.”

In May, a man from Harmans Water took in a stray cat, which had been living in his garden to Medivet Harmans Water to be checked for a microchip.

When vets scanned the cat his microchip brought up Angela’s details and the family were reunited with Cuddles.

Angela was in tears when she realised Cuddles had been found.

She added: “When I took the call from Medivet, I was gobsmacked and didn’t know whether to believe it at first. We rushed down to see him and, when we realised it really was Cuddles, there were tears all round. It’s wonderful to have him back and I’m so glad we had him chipped.”

Following the incident Chris Felstead a vet at Medivet is reminding residents how important it is to get pets microchipped.

He said: "The anguish of losing your pet can be made worse if you never find out what happened to them so we strongly recommend getting your pets microchipped. In fact, for dogs, it’s now compulsory by law.

"Should your pet go missing, if they are handed into a vet, they will be scanned, your details will be found, and you will be contacted.

“We were delighted to reunite Cuddles with Angela and her children. He seemed none the worse for living rough for the last nine months and we hope that he decides to stay put from now on.”

Angela and the family are planning to keep Cuddles inside for a few months.

She said: “We will keep him inside for the next four weeks to help him get used to his new home. It won’t be easy given his love of the outside world but we are determined to succeed this time.”