A HOTEL and spa in Ascot will be one of the first hotels to offer spa treatments designed for people who have been through chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Macdonald Hotels and Resorts has teamed up with Jennifer Young’s skincare company Beauty Despite Cancer.

The company offer specialist products for people who are affected by cancer and the collection will launch at the Ascot spa.

Emma Leadbeater, the Macdonald Spa Director believes the collection will meet the demand of those living with cancer who might not be able to pamper themselves.

Emma Leadbeater, Macdonald Spa Director, said: “We are very proud to be the first hotel group in the UK to be able to offer Jennifer Young spa treatments for those affected by cancer.

“The decision to launch this range of products and treatments was driven by the demand from those living with cancer who are frequently unable to pamper themselves with conventional spa and beauty treatments due to sensitive skin and nails, a common consequence of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.”

Jennifer Young used her scientific background along with research from cancer specialists and patients to develop the products, which are designed to ease the effects that both chemotherapy and radiotherapy can have on the body, skin, nails and lips.

Jennifer said: “It’s so often the case that those living with and beyond cancer are denied the chance to feel good and relax, but by working with Macdonald Hotels and Resorts we are offering more people the chance to get a sense of normality amidst what can be a challenging time.

“Cancer and its side effects come in many different forms and the beauty of these products is that they are adapted by the accredited, highly trained staff to suit each guest’s need, leaving them feeling good and a bit more like their usual self.”

All the front of house staff and spa therapists have undergone specialist training in Jennifer Young’s accredited training school, where they learned the appropriate language to use and sensitive consultation advice.

Ms Leadbeater added: “We know how beneficial a massage or facial can be and we didn’t want anyone who is affected by cancer to be denied that feeling of deep relaxation and self-care that a visit to a spa can provide.”

All the products in the range contain a blend of ingredients and essential oils that are gentle on sensitive skin as well as having anti-ageing benefits.

For more information, visit: https://www.macdonaldhotels.co.uk/our-hotels/south-england/ascot/macdonald-berystede-hotel-spa.