A MISCHIEVOUS dog required urgent medical attention after scoffing down three large Easter eggs and a bunch of grapes.

Purdi the cocker spaniel was rushed to Moor Cottage Veterinary Hospital in Binfield after eating the toxic treats.

The loveable dog spent 48 hours on an intravenous drip before being discharged from the vets and is now recovering at home.

Rachel Plumpton, Purdi's owner, said: "My daughter Beau raised the alarm after discovering all her Easter Eggs had disappeared off the kitchen table.

"Somehow, Purdi had clambered up on the table and eaten all three eggs, including the packaging plus a bowl of grapes and some cherry tomatoes - we were shocked."

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Chocolate and grapes can be really fatal to dogs and can cause heart attacks and kidney failure.

If a dog is suffering from chocolate poisoning, they can display symptoms including hyperactivity, vomiting, diarrhoea and fits, however according to Purdi's owner, she showed no signs of this.

Olivia Avdis, veterinary surgeon, said: "We admitted Purdi for treatment and the first thing we did was give her a dose of Amorphine to make her sick so she would vomit up some of what she had eaten.

"It worked, with Purdi bringing up some chocolate and grapes. She was checked for palpitations and nothing abnormal was detected and there was no obvious signs of distress, she seemed quite comfortable."

Relieved owner Rachel said she will be making sure chocolate is out of sight.

She said: "We now put all chocolate in a box and keep it on the top of the fridge-freezer and make sure all goodies are out of reach."