A POPULAR playground in Great Hollands randomly shot up in flames last month, costing Bracknell Town Council (BTC) more than £1,000 in repair works.

The Jurassic Park Play area in Bracknell was set alight in broad daylight on April 25, causing damage to the rubber surfacing on the ground and scorch marks on the slide.

BTC closed the site and carried out repair works for two days by resurfacing the rubber - at a cost of £1,100.

Allan Moffat, recreational facilities manager at BTC, said: "I am gutted that it happened.

"We spend time and effort into providing play areas for people in Bracknell so it annoyed me immensely, you really do get some mindless people out there.

"Any cost is significant and unexpected but safety is paramount."

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Residents also took to social media to express their concerns, after they saw photos of the fire being shared online.

Councillor Dr Peter Hill said: "Everyone I have spoken to are understandably disgusted that this has happened.

"Thankfully the town council are fantastic, but this flooring is expensive and the repair will eat up public funds that could be spent elsewhere."

Fire crews from Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue arrived on the scene and put out the fire within 30 minutes.

No one was injured in the park fire.

A BTC spokesman said: "Bracknell Town Council works hard to maintain its numerous play areas around Bracknell and it is disappointing both for Staff and Residents when the actions of a few stop the enjoyment of the park for other users.

"Bracknell Town Council request if you have any relevant information, please contact 01344 420079."